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On October 11 we're organizing OpenReaktor #58!

On monthly #OpenReaktor events we open up Reaktor, a startup mansion in Żoliborz (Central-North Warsaw), inviting interesting speakers and gathering the whole Warsaw startup scene in one place to network. Hot Pizza, cold beer, great location, wonderful people and fantastic speakers!


18:00 Beer & Networking
19:00 Announcements
19:15 Piotr Smolen - How do great firms emerge?
19:45 Eliav Alaluf - Raving Fans: how do you know a startup is on track.
20:15 Przemek Kuśmierek, The Chivas Venture - Social impact startups
20:45 Pizza!

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Technology entrepreneur and investor. He is a Managing Partner and CEO of Data Ventures - data analytics focused venture capital fund. In 2012 he co-founded and served for 5 years as CEO at Turbine Analytics - leading SaaS for capital market industry in CEE. He is also a co-owner of 2 software houses (Chop-Chop, Data Invest) and data center business (Data Space) with over 150 FTEs. Before he worked as an investment analyst in a public exchange listed private equity fund NFI Midas S.A. Piotr graduated from Warsaw School of Economics (Finance and Accounting) and Stanford Graduate School of Business (EPGC). Deep expertise in Technology and Financial Services sectors. Fintech expert. Very good understanding of B2B specific (product, marketing, sales). Ethereum enthusiast.


We are happy to present the second speaker - Eliav Alaluf from Israel.

Eliav is a marketing and PR professional who leads Follow[the]Seed's investment in Israel and Europe.
He has particular expertise in evaluating consumer, mobile internet, media and analytics technologies.
Eliav is passionate about human centered design and works with portfolio companies to better understand their customer's and their market.

Achievements: With over 13 years experience leading PR and market strategy for technology companies, Eliav understands what it takes to build viral products. He lead the development of Raving Fans, a unique predictive analytics platform that uses behavioural psychology to identify habit forming products and services at their earliest stages.

Expertise: Product & market strategy, consumer internet, marketing and behavior analytics, social media strategy.


Our third speaker will talk about social impact startups and Chivas Venture. Przemek is Startup Maker of Choice, Founder and CEO of Startup which was recognized by Richard Branson -VIRGIN Academy Awards. Chivas The Venture Finalist, World SummitAwards, Social Tech Award: "The most inspirational social innovation", second in the list of the most creative business people according to Brief magazine, - the list of 100 most innovative people in Central and Eastern Europe developed by Google and Financial Times. R & D projects in recent years have significantly grown outside of the deaf. He successfully conducted three rounds of funding and two crowdfunding actions. Project Manager, System Administrator, Analyst and implementer of CRM and ERP systems.






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